„I like the easygoing atmosphere Berlin has – it’s like a dream come true for a creative person“
Based on her own experience, for her, Berlin is like a mix of Amsterdam’s drive towards business and technology with Lisbon’s laid back attitude of enjoying simple pleasures.

Her favorite quote which describes her the best is „Only happiness is real life“. It’s from a poem by polish poet Zuzanna Ginczanka. This sentence brings her strength for dealing with her small every day issues we all can relate to.

Because somehow she is interested in so many things it’s quite hard for her to focus on just one passion. Even she is only 30 years old she has experienced a lot.

She worked as a Modern Art teacher, helped in exhibition production at museum of modern art in Warsaw, she also owned her own photography studio and became an art writer for a magazine about contemporary art.

Another passion of her is to travel, so in 2016 she went to Lisbon for a few months as a part of her PhD studies in arts. In Portugal she started a project in which she illustrates untranslatable words – Postcards from Mars. After Lisbon, she moved to Amsterdam for an internship at Next Nature Network – a non-profit organisation that focuses on future thinking and combines it with great design ideas. After a year spent in Amsterdam she felt the need to change, so she moved to Berlin.

Almost everything that she can create manually brings her a lot of joy – drawing, painting, photographing and don’t forget cooking. Preparing food allows her to clear her head and she can eat what she made afterwards – a clever win-win situation I think. 
She also loves dancing and she can’t imagine living without music.