In parallel to our #meettheteam blog posts we want to tell you more stories from the Pickmotion team in time. This week we start with #meetthepets!

Silvia & Simon

Our chef editor Silvia describes Simon as a very attached but mischievous boy. He loves to patrol the backyards of Berlin and brings some living gifts home from time to time. Because he got locked up in the cellar one time and the streets in Berlin aren’t very safe Silvia is worried sometimes but normally he responds to her whistle and takes on his way home.



 Anne & Elfe

Elfe was brought from the streets in Spain to Germany by a German family on their summer holiday but looked for a new home after a short time. She found her way from ebay to the queen of our orders team Anne. At the end of a day full of power games with her mistress which she definitely loves, she eats her very weird favourite dinner: carrots. After that, Anne tells laughingly, her first step is going to bed and rubbing her snout on the floor, nobody knows why.


Jana & Betty

As a puppy Betty did not want to leave Jana’s arm so our multitasking genius of accounting decided spontaneously to keep her 4-legged friend. The “Queen of Görli” (named after her favourite park in Berlin) got her name from Betty Boop and besides having a swim it’s one of her passions to dig through the dirty laundry in search for socks. It is funny though each time a police or ambulance siren is close, Betty starts howling like a wolf. All in all you can’t resist embossing Betty and her cheerful character.


Adi & Scotch

Scotch got his name from his red ginger fur, which reminded Adi, our art directrice, of Scotland. But the name is also originating from one of the tomcat’s favourite games – jumping on the legs of his human friends and slide down with a sound similar to removing velcro tape (in hebrew: scotch). The seven-year-old bundle of energy changes his preferences from time to time. After torturing bobbles and threads of shawls, he loves to nibble at his mistress’ hair at the moment.