Not a newcomer anymore, but all the more important to know him. He has been leading the Marketing team since January and drives Business Development forward – a truly creative mind with a passion for numbers. Get to know Martin.

Martin has been living in Berlin for 10 years – so he’s almost a real Berliner. Growing up in the Spreewald, he ended up in the big city for his studies and his first job. He found his home in Wannsee because, despite all the attractions that the city has to offer, nature and a somewhat quieter place of residence are particularly important to him – for balance in contrast to the urban fast-paced life; even if this aspect, in addition to the culinary diversity and the art and culture of the city, fascinates him the most.

Martin brings a new impetus and good mood to the team every day because he is a very sociable guy with a good sense of humor – he always has a good saying or a funny anecdote that will make everyone smile. Definitely a perfect addition to our PICKMOTION family. His very communicative and slightly extrovert nature, mixed with his determination and healthy doggedness, not only drives him but are also contagious to everyone else. The studied Business Psychologist optimizes and simplifies our work processes, but also always has the well-being of his team in mind. The experience as a long-time marketing and sales director of a large publishing house, as well as a consultant for marketing and business development solutions, now enable him to enrich PICKMOTION with his skills and to develop them even further.

In his private life too, Martin strives to always make the best of his time – especially the “Quality Time” with his son, which is particularly important to him as a proud father. He would not exchange this time for anything in the world. Together with him, he revives his own hobbies – two great passions: skateboarding and playing drums; yes, Martin once painted city red on his skateboard and even played in a band. Nowadays, he is in skate parks with his son or they play electronic drums together at home. Martin would also like to invest a little more time in painting again, but unfortunately, he rarely finds the time for that.

He is a down to earth guy who knows what he wants. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a globetrotter because he prefers to discover his native region but still has a preference for trips to the Mediterranean when he travels. His favorite card ZG-0852-FR (created with @matiascelis) reminds of a road trip in a van, towards the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, there is still a dream destination for him, which is felt to be at the other end of the world: Singapore. Why this destination? On the one hand, because it is at the top of his travel list and on the other hand to accept the invitation of a friend he has not seen for a long time.

We are happy that Martin is part of our PICKMOTION family. True to his motto: “If things don’t go the way I want, then the way that is best for me”, we look forward to the future with good vibes that are best for all of us.