Adventurous, spontaneous, and always ready to help – these are the three words Marie’s friends and family like to describe her with and we are so happy to welcome her in our team: our new intern in Digital Business.


Marie was born and raised in Dortmund, but she has been living in Berlin for almost a year now. After working for a year as an au pair in Madrid, she started to go to university in the same city. Thanks to the German Spanish double degree program, she got the chance to continue her studies in Berlin and seized the opportunity to move to our beautiful capital city. During her search for an internship, Marie discovered Pickmotion and is now here to support us in the Digital Business area. Her favorite places in Berlin are by the way the museum island, Grunewald, and the lake Krumme Lanke.

In her free time, Marie likes to cook and to try out new recipes. Every now and then, she tries to give the recipes her own touch or to create something entirely by herself. Furthermore, Marie likes to do sports and especially loves to go jogging through Grunewald Forest. This way, she quickly gets a clear head and is able to enjoy the nature around her.

If Marie could have one event of her life on a video tape, she would pick a simple yet special moment during her time in Madrid: At that moment, she sat singing in a car in the cold winter with her best friends until the windshield was clear. A rather untypical and simple event in Madrid, but one she likes to think back to, as it made her feel incredibly happy. This picture fits perfectly to Marie’s motto “Make the rest of your life the best of your life” because to her, it is important to enjoy every day and make the best out of it by taking advantage of every opportunity in life without thinking too much about it.

This beautiful mantra is also reflected in Marie’s favorite Pickmotion motif which is (ZG-0759-EN) “It’s the little things in life” we have created with @ponderbird. The quote shows that you should also appreciate and enjoy the little things that come in life because these little moments often stay in your mind for the longest time. We are so excited to welcome Marie to our team and we will cherish every moment with her!