Luisa always explores the world around her with open eyes – since you never know at what moment a beautiful motif might show up! Our new employee in communication design and photography.


Luisa has been living in Berlin since 2019, but she was born in a small town near Nuremberg. Every now and then she has been to Italy with her family, because her father is from Calabria. However, whenever she gets the chance, she loves to spend her vacations in Scotland, as it is a beautiful place to go hiking and to photograph the surroundings. After graduating in design, with a focus on illustration, photography and graphic design, Luisa decided she wanted to see more of the world and that’s how she ended up in our beautiful capital city. Her favorite places in Berlin are the Botanical Garden and the Museum of Natural History because these are her favorite spots to take pretty pictures and sketch a little for herself. From now on, she can also take a lot of pictures in our office! As Luisa has been a long-time Instagram fan of Pickmotion, she immediately had to apply for a job when she found the perfect position. Now, she is working in communication design and photography with us.

As you can probably already guess, Luisa loves to spend her free time outdoors in nature. She has a great interest in the many beautiful plants and in botany, which she also likes to incorporate into her art and photography. She likes nature best in the cool season of autumn as the many bright colors and the misty, rainy days make her heart skip a beat. By the way, when she’s not out in nature, Luisa also loves to boil natural soaps according to her own recipes. She also prefers cooking herself than going out for dinner and the interesting combination of mascarpone, fresh goat cheese and blood orange juice always have to be in her fridge.

If her friends or family had to describe Luisa in three words, they would probably choose the words crafty, humble and imaginative. Her favorite motif from Pickmotion (ZG-0484-EN) with the inscription “Everything is possible”, which we created with @hey.luisa, also sparkles with imagination and looks very surreal and dreamy to her. We are very happy to welcome Luisa with all of her know-how and creative eyes to our team and are excited to let her dive into the Pickmotion world!