Enjoyment in marketing, a lot of desire to learn new things and much energy: that is Linda, our new intern in Business Development.


With Linda on board, PICKMOTION can welcome another native Berliner in the Team. While she moved to Lithuania with her parents at the tender age of six, Linda returned to our beautiful capital city for her studies. At the moment, she lives in Hellsersdorf and loves to spend her time outdoors in Berlin – especially when she is close at the water, at the Spree, at Köpenick, at the Monbijoupark or at the Tiergarten.

For her studies in business at the HTW Berlin, Linda has to complete a mandatory internship in order to explore the professional world and develop her skills. This is what led her to PICKMOTION and now she is working in Business Development and supports us diligently in the marketing and PR area. We think her upbeat and determined nature fits perfectly into the team!

Since childhood, Linda loved to be creative with paint and glue and she enjoys everything colorful, fun and cheerful. While Linda prefers a good book over a movie, she was most likely inspired by the animated film “Kung Fu Panda” to take up karate, which by now is a sport she has been practicing with passion since 2011. It is no wonder her family and friends describe her with the three words crazy, wild and creative. When Linda does not sip a hot cup of black tea with milk, she will take a walk around the neighborhood to relax and explore the world with attentive eyes.

Her favorite PICKMOTION card is (ZG-0947-DE) “Du bist toll!” (engl.: “You are great!”) which we have created with @leo.mainecoon. Why? Well, because there is nothing better than a cat, a rainbow and a reassuring saying! We are so happy to welcome Linda with her bright and creative spirit and we totally agree with her: You are great!