No matter if digital or analog – Katrin loves to let her creative mind run free and to widen and improve her crafting skills. At Pickmotion, our new senior graphic designer can live it all up!


Originally, Katrin is from Rathenow, also known as “City of Optics”. In 2008, she moved to Berlin to study media design and has decided to stay in our beautiful capital city since that time. In Berlin, she likes to spend her time at the Rummelsburger Bucht or the Landschaftspark Herzberge, which she has recently discovered for herself.

Ever since she was a little kid, Katrin passionately collected postcards and always liked to let her creativity run free – creating something makes her fingers tingle, her heart skip a beat and just makes her happy! It is no surprise that she immediately felt comfortable at PICKMOTION! Thanks to her longstanding experience in event design and e-commerce, Katrin supports our colorful team with independence, responsibility, and wealth of ideas. Her family and friends would describe her as creative, detail-oriented and reliable and we cannot wait to see which great ideas and concepts she will realize with us!

As a balance to the predominantly digital work and out of love for beautiful materials, Katrin tries to spend her free time in a creative and analogue way. Whether it is photography, bookbinding or knitting – Katrin likes doing handicrafts and loves to try out new things and to broaden her horizon. Additionally, she like to do Yoga or enjoy nature with her family to find some peace and escape the big city for a while. By the way, she always has to have a piece of chocolate nearby – for the sweet moments at home or on the road.

Katrin’s favorite PICKMOTION motive is (ZG-0889-EN) „Keep Smiling!” which we have created with @andreinan. Why? Because the dogs wearing masks with painted-on smiles are not just adorable but also show us how important it is to never lose one’s sense of humor. We are so happy to welcome Katrin in our Team and are consistently delighted by her positive attitude and her charming smile!