Karin is our new intern in our content and editorial staff. She loves to write, think about languages, and do something creative. Find out more about her here!


Hi everyone! My name is Karin and I was born and raised in the north of Germany, to be more precisely a city called Lübeck. After I finished school, I moved to Halle (Saale) to study an interesting mix of linguistics, cultural and media studies. After my degree, I moved to Potsdam to my boyfriend. When I’m in Berlin, I like to spend my time in Friedrichshain as there is a comfy little café with lots of gameboards. Another favorite spot of mine is in Charlottenburg, where you can discover lots of nice restaurants.

I have always been into languages and texts which is why I decided to study in this direction. In Hamburg, I was able to work in a local magazine for the first time during an internship and had an incredible amount of fun there. Now I’m at Pickmotion and mainly responsible for new content on the blog and the newsletters and I’m so happy to be able to write something nice for you every day! In my free time, I also love to do something creative. I have discovered crocheting for me a few years ago and I love it! I like to crochet little figures and now and then a hat or something other useful. I would also love to give some other handicrafts a try, which is why embroidery, macramé and ceramic work are some of the things on my to-do list.

If I could have a video from a moment in my life, I would probably choose my time in Finland. That is because I have spent a semester abroad there a few years ago and have spent a week in snowy Lapland. One day we went sledding with huskies – it was super cold, super fast and super cool and I’d love to see how I did on the sled!

One of my favorite Pickmotion motifs is “Hello Sunshine” (ZG-0657-DE), which we created with @runnerkimhall. The image put me in a happy mood immediately and made me smile! What more could you ask for? I’m happy to be part of the team and wish you lots of fun browsing through the blog!