She is a real Berliner with heart and soul, born in Pankow, today she still lives in her favorite district around the corner of our office. Jessica, the new and energetic prop in accounting.

Jessica describes herself, with a friendly smile, as funny and social. In our team, she is one of the few “real” Berliners and apart from a short stopover in Schwäbisch Hall she has always remained loyal to her hometown. Jessica is a true lifesaver, not only in our accounting department, no, even in private life – who would have thought, she has been with the volunteer fire department for 20 years.

Her career aspiration after high school: professional fire department. For this, she needed as a basis a craftman’s apprenticeship, but unfortunately, it was difficult to find such as a woman in Berlin, so she moved to Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg to begin an apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher. After two years of successfully completed education, she returned to her hometown – in her luggage: hope for her dream job. Back in Berlin, it was then more difficult than expected and so she has decided to go another path again and completed a second education – this time as a clerk for office communication.

This brought her over many stations as a secretary in the media academy, a driving school, a housing cooperative, a tax office and a painter’s office finally to us – Pickmotion. And we are really happy to have her on board.

In addition to her great passion for the fire department, she prefers to spend time with her daughter or with good crime series and the books of Sebastian Fitzek. Her big dream, actually two big dreams: a trip to the USA and a wedding. “You should have experienced this at least once in your life”. Her favorite card is the ZG-0544-DE “Wish for something, enjoy the freedom to live a little easier and see where life is leading you,” she says, and that sounds like a good life motto.