Coming all the way from Budapest, Eszter grew up in a family of architects, being an only child daydreaming about visiting Ethiopia one day, where her father has often travelled for work projects and brought back home stories and photos of the life there. Studying to become a linguist, she went to Bologna and Padua for a year to learn more about Italian language, literature, the arts. Afterwards, she could return to Budapest and teach Italian to students.

A kind spirit, she decided to start volunteering too, so that’s what she did. Eszter kept travelling back and forth to Western Africa, in places like Togo and Sierra Leone, where they would teach the communities computer skills and how to use the Internet, but above all, healthcare measures, such as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as staying safe from malaria.

Most importantly, she observed how time flows differently in a challenging environment and now feels she has learned a lot more than she could ever teach others. She smiles gratefully as she is looking for the right words to express. Later, she moved to Madrid with her husband and they founded an NGO for African refugees, organizing language courses taught by the locals. After a few years of living in Spain, they wanted to move somewhere closer to their native homes, Hungary and Switzerland. In Berlin for 5 years already, she says the city has a cultural landscape that resembles Budapest in many ways.

Eszter is working very close with our photographer’s community by talking to them via video calls or in written form and thanks to that, she probably knows every Pickmotion motif by heart. Back in the time, when she was a student, she has taken up contemporary dance classes, after being amazed by a performance she watched on stage. Presently, she goes to Tanzfabrik dance school in her free time and keeps Pressenza up and running together with her husband and other volunteers, an international news agency concerning nonviolence all over the globe.

Her favourite postcard is the Tempel Spielplatz B-0127 by _hannesthun because it gives you the feeling of freedom and space.