She is Chief Editor and part of Pickmotion since the end of 2014 – Silvia is the face behind most of the blogposts, the Instagram account and facebook, everything that happens in the Editorial Team. In addition to her diligence and great writing skills the 32 years old cares for the communication and team Spirit. She also has a good connection to the photographers.

Her favourite Instagramers are, @lindaberlin and @mariwrr.

The Berliner by choice, living in the capital for 6 years now, enjoys the creative space and self-determined work that Pickmotion offers her. Her creative streak is combined with studies in art history, journalism and German philology finished in Leipzig and Prag, a lot of Kkowledge and super skills, she is an enrichment to the Team.


Besides she is  the only team member who is immortalized on a postcard. In summer 2015 a photo was shot in the office that shows Silvias arm holding a pineapple that has a heart carved in it. A funny and spontaneous action that caused a fantastic motif including her favorite bracelet from Algeria. Number ZG-0141 is until now one of the bestsellers.

For her blog cafemelange, catalogues and newspapers she writes essays, features and reviews about books, lyric and songs. Silvia likes the combination of photo and text, that’s the reason why the Pickmotion job is her dreamjob. She loves the old kind of photography especially double exposure and both her Praktika and an old Russian FED, a heavy Leica copy, are cherished by her.

Where does she see Pickmotion in 5 years? “I wish Pickmotion to create as cool and timeless products as it does now and asserts itself on the market.” Silvias favourite postcard is “Watchcat” by @ecekaragullu, the first cat picture that Pickmotion ever printed.