Born in Lower Saxony, as the child of English parents and in an English hospital, our newest team member is a native-born Englishwoman: Stacy. At home, she grew up speaking English, but only until the age of five, when she insisted to also speak German at home. That’s why she speaks both languages fluently and therefore fits perfectly in our team.

Most of her life she spent living in Berlin and she considers herself as a “Spandauerin” as she lived in Spandau most of the time. Two years ago, indeed, love made her move to the opposite part of the city, to Schöneweide; the love to the local football club 1. FC Union Berlin. If she’s not busy reading a book, she can probably be found in the stadium, thanks to her season ticket.

What Stacy loves most about Berlin is that no matter when or where you go, there will always be a good rush. But it depends on the right mix: every now and then she also needs some time out from the big city life. Then she enjoys spending time in nature, for example in the breathtaking highlands of Scotland, where part of her family lives.

Before starting at Pickmotion, Stacy did an apprenticeship as a certified business assistant for information processing with emphasis on enterprise software/ERP and worked as an office assistant in different places. We are very happy that her way finally led her to the Order Management team at Pickmotion.

Her mantra is a perfect fit for her personality: „The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.“ She really seems to live in the moment and always has a smile on her face. Her joie de vivre and her love for everything glittery also explain the choice of her favorite Pickmotion card: ZG-0521 „Confetti”, as it is just as colourful and cheerful as Stacy herself.