When he is driving to work eastbound from Charlottenburg each morning, he sees the sunrise upon Funkturm – this view is taking his breath each single time. Sebastian Nowak, originally from Lublin in Poland, reared at the far east end of Poland in Tomaszów Lubelski, loves looking east, loves looking west.

In school already Sebastian choose a focus on mathematics and informatics – and unless he was dreaming about becoming a racer, an economic subject lay closer. That’s how he turned back to Lublin to study business administration – he gained a master in international business and economics. The region close to the Ukrainian border developed contacts rather to the East than the West – one of the most fascinating facts of his home, Sebastian thinks.

First it was his parents who settled in the young capital Berlin – Sebastian was following them seeking new professional chances. He lives here since 2014, first learning German “on the street” and at work in a casino – probably not his dream job but a point to start. At Pickmotion Sebastian is in charge of the storage and bulk orders.

His favourite card is one of the first of Berlin – B-0108. The unusual, mighty view over the town is very familiar and dear to him due the daily commute forth to and back from work.