He found his destination with us after some adventurous paths from dizzying heights. Learn more about John, our energetic all-rounder in business development.


When it comes to entertaining and interesting stories, the Berliner can certainly tell quite a few. His huge background of different educations and work experience in a wide variety of areas makes him an absolute all-rounder when it comes to problem-solving and mastering new challenges. Coupled with his creativity, his optimism and his passion for working with people, he and we could not have been a better match – now he enriches our team as a Business Development Manager.

John used to hang around at dizzying heights. As an industrial climber, he has probably seen the world from above more often than many of us. But with all the beauty of spending your everyday life in the air above most people’s heads, this also comes at a price. You travel a lot and the job is not exactly easy physically either. So John, whose family has a very socio-educational background, decided after a few years to go new ways and finished an apprenticeship as an educator. As a result, he even ended up in Finland for a while to work in a bilingual kindergarten. Then soon his own offspring came and now he wanted to concentrate his passion to work with people, especially with children, to his own children. So he decided to take a new professional step and completed an apprenticeship as a businessman with a focus on marketing in order to open up many new, interesting opportunities. He has been working in business development for a while and together with some friends he also organizes some other, small business projects, too.

His great passion: travelling with his wife and three children – every time a real adventure.
They try to travel as often as possible, a healthy mix of local discovery tours, motorhome vacations in Europe and now and then a big trip. What shouldn’t be missing for him, of course, is the annual snowboard vacation. Even if you could think so, climbing is not one of his hobbies. It is important to him to see the world, that his children discover it, get to know different cultures and learn to perceive the world with open eyes.

For his family, he would of course travel to the moon and back without hesitation and therefore his favourite motif is one of our illustrated, small postcards (MP-0611-DE). We are really happy to have John with us in the team because his optimism, determination and life experience are wonderful enrichments for PICKMOTION.