A creative photographer who likes to turn the night into day and who can always take something positive out of some healthy chaos. Today you will learn more about our new intern in the Digital Business area.


Vanessa was born in Berlin and is therefore another real Berliner in our team. But being a Berliner doesn’t mean that she knows the city inside out. She is always fascinated by the fact that even nowadays she is still discovering new places and neighbourhoods within Berlin. This is exactly what she loves about the city. It is constantly changing, big, colourful and cheeky. But of course, she prefers to be out and about in her neighbourhood – in Karlshorst. It is the special atmosphere with the beautiful old-style houses that you can see along the streets and the community of the area that makes her feel so at home here. But when things need to be a bit more urban, Vanessa likes to go to Ostkreuz, Treptower Park or Schlesi to meet friends and spend an eventful day.

Vanessa is currently studying Print and Media Technology at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Eventually, that brought her to PICKMOTION, because she needs an internship in order to have a look at the world of work before graduation. She was particularly interested in our young and likeable team, the diverse tasks and the connection to photography for which she herself has a great passion. She has even worked as a photographer herself, too, with a focus on portrait photography. She enjoys working with a lot of wonderful people and sharing and capturing different emotions together. So it’s no surprise, her heart clearly beats for photography and all processes in which she can create something. Whether digital or analogue, Vanessa loves to create a finished product from an initial idea in order to tell her very own story. She is also a little night owl who prefers to enjoy her coffee with oat milk. Otherwise, she likes to stroll through the bars of the city, enjoys adventurous camping trips on warm summer days or cooks herself a delicious meal and then ends the evening with a good movie.

If she could have a video of a situation in her life to watch as an outside person, she would choose the moment of her first stage dive. The idea of seeing herself floating above the crowd would definitely be fun, she says with a smile. In addition, that would also evoke the concert atmosphere in her at the same time which currently she is lacking very much. After a year off, such a video would be just the right thing for her now. Vanessa really seems to be an adventurous person, because her friends would also describe her as super creative, super lovable and a little bit crazy. But in her opinion, a bit of chaos in the head is just part of being a creative person. In addition, she always tries to think positively and to be completely herself. Because positive thoughts attract positive incidents. Vanessa is a relaxed person who enjoys life and accepts whatever experiences are crossing her path.

We are really happy that Vanessa is bringing a fresh breeze to our team and that she is stirring up all of us with her lovable, creative and fun-loving manner. Your favourite motif of our PICKMOTION cards? She thinks the “Lama Party” (ZG-0904-EN-KK), which we created together with @erinsummer_, is absolutely great. For her, these animals make the impression that they are always in a good mood and they also look super funny and soft. She would celebrate with them right away. The associated saying “Let’s celebrate” also fits perfectly, because, in her opinion, you can find something every day to be happy about and to celebrate. One of those moments for her was her first day at PICKMOTION.