May we introduce: This is Thomas, our man for the numbers since March. Our newest team member not only raises the mens’ quota for our team, but also ensures a noticeable pinch of calmness in the office with his self-balanced, relaxed manner.

Maybe it‘s just this relaxed way that characterises him for his work as a controller. While Microsoft Excel manages to drive others mad real quick, Thomas keeps a cool head even within the most complicated analyses. His enjoyment for working with numbers has already emerged during his school days. That’s why he studied economics and business administration in his hometown of Halle. What he likes most about his work as a controller is, how he can not only track the development of a company on the basis of data, but carries out analyses and evaluations that are leading the way for the company’s future.

After studying in Halle, Thomas had two quick stops in Munich and Nuremberg. Following those, he calls Berlin home since the past 10 years. He spent a few years in his favourite district of Berlin, which is Charlottenburg. Since his family expanded, they moved into a larger apartment based in Tegel. The three-headed family shares its home with two furry roommates named Karl and Willi. Not only his home spot, but also his free time activities have changed with the family expansion. On the weekends, Thomas likes to spend a lot of his time with his little daughter, for example on playgrounds or for a short trip to the castles garden of Charlottenburg. As his daughter recently turned five, the activities even start to become a bit more cultural, like when they visited Berlin‘s Natural History Museum the other day. Especially his daughter has been thrilled by the fossils and the dinosaur skeletons exhibited there. Thomas himself on the other hand, is particularly enthusiastic about exhibitions of modern arts and photography – for example the ones in Hamburger Bahnhof, the “Museum of the Present” of Berlin.

Thomas’ serenity results in a very down-to-earth view towards life. For him, happiness means nothing more and nothing less than contentment. He says about himself that he isn’t the one to make big plans, but just trusts the timing of life. Nonetheless, if he could ask for one wish to come true, he would get his own cottage in Ireland. Because this country – especially its capital city Dublin – are very dear to him after he spent some holidays there. What he likes most about it, is the combination of the great landscape and the very pleasant climate of the north. For the same reasons, his next destination will be Scotland. Luckily something that can be fulfilled without having to wish for it.

Incidentally, Thomas Wanderlust and his affinity towards cats can also be recognised through his favourite card: ZG-0176-EN by @lightpoem.