Determination, hands-on mentality and a cordial personality – that’s Sharon, our new Online Marketing & Business Development Manager. Today you can get to know her a little better.


Our newest member in the PICKMOTION family is for once not a Berliner because she only moved from beautiful Bremen to our beloved capital 3 years ago. Sharon was raised and grew up in the Hanseatic city on the Weser. After graduating from high school, however, she wanted to go out into the wide world for a longer period of time to discover and experience something different and new. So she spent a year as an au pair in the USA, near the capital Washington D.C.

Back home, she completed her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on business entrepreneurship and also worked at the academic chair for business formation in the field of social media, event planning and digitization for start-ups. For her master’s degree, she got drawn to Berlin for the first time and carried out some of her research for the master’s thesis here. After graduating, she decided to move here and has now been living in this lively metropolis for 3 years. For her, Berlin is a special and very unusual city, which with its many cafes, bars and restaurants, but also with its great architecture and tangible history, represents a perfect mix for her. Today Sharon finds it hard to imagine living in another city.

Travelling, however, is very important to her – she is a real city hopper because city trips are definitely her thing. Her favourite: Tel Aviv. But she can also check off cities like Porto, Barcelona, Athens and many others on her list. Of course, excursions into nature are not neglected, but mainly she enjoys the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the very own urban culture that prevails in each city. Sharon also likes to go swimming, in summer she is drawn to the lakes of the Berlin area and in winter to the exceptionally beautiful, historic city baths, which fascinate her architecturally again and again. She is also a plant lover with a green thumb, she makes seedlings herself and has almost transformed her own realm at home into a small urban jungle because she likes the feeling of being able to feel nature within her own four walls.

We are happy to have Sharon on our team with her determined, solution-oriented, cheerful nature. Her experience and her know-how take PICKMOTION to a whole new level in the field of digitization, but she is also a real asset for everyone around because as a sociable and communicative team player who knows how to bring something to success together. With all of this, a little bit of craziness should of course not be missing, and Sharon shows that with her favourite postcard motif “stay funky” (ZG-0898-EN), which we created together with @woodenflamingo.

Sharon’s motto: Stay Funky & Get Things Done!