Optimism, a good pinch of humour, always helpful and a large portion of general knowledge paired with sympathy. Here you can find out more about our newest member of the sales team.


Describing a good mood and joie de vivre in one word – that’s easy: Selina. Our newest team member is a real asset, not only because she always creates a positive mood with a sympathetic smile, but above all because of her distinctive skills of a true all-rounder to solve problems and overcome challenges.

Selina is a real Berliner, has grown up in Steglitz-Zehlendorf, sand he now lives in Moabit from where she likes to take long walks to the Tiergarten. Even if she is a capital city child at heart, she was nevertheless driven to another city for a while; with 18, she decided to study fashion design and move to Hanover. But two semesters later, she went back home, where she then completed an apprenticeship as an event manager and then worked as an assistant to the management in an architecture office. Driven by her curiosity and the desire to develop herself further, she soon went looking for a change in order to find a job that suits her interests better; and so she has found her way to us.

Selina is very versatile and has a great deal of general knowledge, because, as she says, acquiring knowledge is one of her greatest passions. Whether what is happening in the world, history, nutritional knowledge or information about different countries, Selina has a lot in store to provide interesting and educational topics for conversation; The Brockhaus Encyclopedia belongs to her standard reading.
Of course, she also has a heart for animals, especially dogs. She herself has a Yorkshire Beagle mix, which she affectionately calls her little Hanseatic, as he comes from the Baltic coast. And he is always accompanying her on her day trips, on which she loves to cover many kilometres on foot. As a further hobby, she also likes to be in front of the camera from time to time.

We are really happy to have Selina on board. Her cheerful manner, her happy humour and constant willingness to help, do good and support others, is a wonderful enrichment for our sales team and the entire company. Her favourite PICKMOTION card? This is the ZG-0955-EN “You are turtely awesome”, which we created together with @cityturtles. And the card fits perfectly because we think Selina is simply “turtely awesome”.