Not entirely normal – that’s the three words it takes her to describe herself. She likes thinking out of the box sometimes instead of always straight. The same applies to her son with whom she is talking a whole lot of nonsense nobody ever understands.

Saskia is a real Berliner and grew up in the midst of concrete in Marzahn. It’s hard to see something good about that looking back now besides the friends she made and left behind. She is living in Berlin Köpenick right now together with her kid. It’s much more laid back over there, more green and child friendly too.

She did a professional training in office communication and worked in the jobcenter. But she always wanted to become a profiler, because being a police officer and a psychologist in the same time seems to be fabulous. The attraction is to look into somebody.

In her leisure time she loves going to Treptower Park, takes long walks or barbecues with friends. While the red head & power woman practiced different martial arts in the past, she became more settled recently. Now there is time to go fishing and enjoying the silence at the lakeside.

For one month now Saskia is working at Pickmotion in order management. Good photography is inspiring her and she takes photos by herself. Her favourite Pickmotion card is “Mr. and Mrs. Anchor” (ZG-0317-EN), which suits her not just because of her family name Anker (anchor).