Always in a good mood, friendly, and carrying both a congenial smile and a real talent for communication: get to know our new Sales Management Assistant – Sabrina.

Sabrina is a genuine Brandenburg native who left her small hometown in South Brandenburg about 1.5 years ago for a new phase of life and moved to Berlin. Actually, she is not much of a city dweller and didn’t have to live in one of the hip parts of the city: a pretty little house in Neu-Hohenschönhausen for newly-fledged family happiness was just the right thing for her. Here she can enjoy all the advantages of the big city, as it is not far into the centre, yet she is in a quiet suburban location, surrounded by nature. That is exactly what she has learned to appreciate and love: the perfect balance between city and nature.

The birth of her daughter has fundamentally changed her life. She gave up her job in the sales department of an automotive supplier and exchanged the place where she lived from an early age for family life in Berlin. Sabrina had already smelled big city air before, during an internship as a make-up artist and costume designer in the Friedrichstadtpalast right after completing her high school diploma. However, it quickly became clear to her that this time-consuming job, which involved many long working days — especially at the weekend — is not for her, because she prefers structured working hours and a free weekend. Therefore, after working for a while in the gym and even getting her trainer license, she decided to reorient herself and finish an apprenticeship as an industrial business management assistant.

With the move to Berlin, a whole new world has opened up, because together with her boyfriend she feels more and more excited about traveling the world. Before, it was basically just a holiday on the Baltic Sea or other places within Germany, but after visiting London last year, she developed an interest and desire for many new travel destinations, especially Angkor in Cambodia and Pompeii in Italy, as she is very interested in culture and history. Visiting Ireland and seeing the Northern Lights are also near the top of her list of dream destinations.

Sabrina is a down-to-earth person and she likes to be one. She prefers to spend time with her boyfriend Christoph (who is a national coach for high diving) and their daughter. Apart from that, she likes it a little quieter, loves to be outdoors and always likes to be active — ideally jogging through the forest in the morning if the weather is good. She loves to cook for her small family, has two tomcats (Ronny & Gerry) and prefers to make good use of the time she has. The three most important things in life for Sabrina: family, friends and good health.

Her favorite card is the ZG-0808 (created with @angela_sikiric) because she likes cats and of course she also likes a good cup of coffee for a boost of energy. We are thrilled to have Sabrina as the new Sales Management Assistant in our Pickmotion family.