He brings some new and fresh ideas into the team and also increases our men’s quota a bit. We would like to introduce to you: Patrick – our intern for Business Development.

Patrick is a Berlin newcomer and feels right at home in this city. What drew him here? Pickmotion of course. But also the thrill of experiencing something new and discovering our capital has helped to make the decision for Berlin. Although he comes from a small village near Uelzen in Lower Saxony, a big city is not new territory for him, because before he came to us, he commuted regularly between Uelzen and Hamburg where he worked as a student trainee. Another reason to visit the “Perle an der Elbe” more often is his girlfriend who lives there.

Patrick has applied all over Germany, but decided for us, because we were very sympathetic to him with our appearance as well as a whole company and immediately after the first contact he felt vindicated. So he is happy about the choice he has made. He found his home in Reinickendorf, which surprisingly feels even calmer to him than Uelzen, but that is also one of the things that make Berlin so special for him. The contrasts between the districts, the possibility to come from a quiet district to a very vibrant one just within a few minutes and to be able to choose what one is in the mood for. So he likes to use the quiet moments in a park, to relax a little and recharge his batteries and also the preparation of the Bachelor’s thesis for his Business Administration studies comes along quite well.

Despite the fact that he can imagine living in a larger city in the future, he is and remains a nature lover. One of his great hobbies is fishing, which he has been passionate about for 13 years now, especially doing it together with his father. Generally, he likes to be at his parents’ house where he can switch off, enjoy the simple things in life and take care of the six chickens, which give him the tastiest eggs in the world and a juicy chicken roast once a year. In addition to the passion for nature, he also is a very enthusiastic sportsman – he has practiced Taekwondo for 12 years, reached the black belt and also acted as a coach for several years until a knee injury forced him to pause. Sport is and remains interesting for him and so he has discovered American football some time ago, not necessarily as a player, but as a fan. Because of this, on one of his recent trips to New York when watching a Superbowl game in a New York Pub, emerged the wish and dream once to be live in the stadium at a very big game of the Superbowl playoffs.

Besides all this, he also very much likes to cook – his very big passion: soups. And recently he bought a Polish cookbook to rediscover his parents’ traditional cuisine.

We are pleased to have him as a Business Developer support in the team and are looking forward to all his new, innovative and wonderful ideas. His favourite Pickmotion card is ZG-0624-EN “Today is your day” created toether with @hey.luisa