He loves late night cooking, is a huge fan of analogue photography and, before moving to Berlin, could not stay at one place very long. Get to know our newbie – Patrice!

When his parents left the GDR via the west German embassy in Prague, Patrice was just a year old at that time, it may have started – the continuous change, the meandering through the republic as he calls it. He was at home nowhere, many times after less than a year the things were packed and they moved on. After all Patrice feels at home in Europe and now in Berlin as well. “It’s the first time I have no ants in the pants.”

He studied psychology and inclusive pedagogy and cultural anthropology in Holland, Siegen, Frankfurt and Portugal and was at the binge to move to Manaus, Brasilia, when he re-met his future wife.

It was in Lisbon, where he acquired a taste for analogue photography. He was in that seminar “From analogue to digital” but for him it was all about the inversion back to analogue. The artisanal part is the most interesting for him about photography – get outdated films, standing in the darkroom and aiming for individual, imperfect results. No wonder Patrice is one of the driving forces of the Berlin lomography scene and leads his own photo walks.

He would love to bring back observation and visual sense to anthropology in order to combine both of his fields of interests – Writing and photographing as means of knowledge. At Pickmotion he supports the Social Media and Orders Team. Unsurprisingly ZG-0235 is his favourite Pickmotion card – an old camera of course – Cheese!

Here you find Patrice on Instagram: @_baunovart_
And that’s his current exhibition: https://www.facebook.com/events/117361265625137/