A true power woman, a mother and a real Berliner. This radiant bundle of energy brings a fresh wind of change, a good mood and new momentum to our marketing team. Here you can find out more about Nora, our new Marketing Manager.


They are slowly taking over – the Berlin originals; because with Nora, we have another real Berliner on the team. A reason to be happy, because despite turbulent times around the world, we at PICKMOTION insist on growing, and not just because of new challenges, but as a team in general.

Nora grew up in Neukölln, but not in the part affected by constant change and gentrification, but in the quiet, partly rather unknown Rudow, in the deep south of the Neukölln district. Even though she is a local, just like many newcomers who come to this city, she has already lived in many different corners of the city – most recently in Alt-Stralau, on the peninsula in the Rummelsburg Bay. In the meantime, she has found her home again in southern Neukölln, a house near the Britzer Garten.

Nora is a proud Berliner and she can’t really imagine living anywhere else, after all, Berlin is flashy, colourful, crazy and yet somehow a place that also allows you to find relaxation and peace if you are only in the right district. Nevertheless, she also discovered parts of the big wide world, across the ocean. After graduating from high school, she went to Boston as an au pair for a year to look after five children in one family; a wonderful experience as she says. And who would have thought that, on this trip, the first foundation stone for her personal future was laid, because she met her husband back then on a road trip and stay in San Diego.

Back in Berlin, she began and completed an apprenticeship as a commercial assistant with a focus on Spanish and English language, and because that was somehow not enough for her, she had to study too. So Nora also successfully completed a degree in international business with a focus on marketing. She also used this time again to gain some experience abroad, during an internship in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

Today she has a lovely house with a large garden with her husband and two children. The big dream: to be able to provide for themselves for the most part, at least as far as the fruit and vegetables are concerned. And chickens should be there, if not a dog or a cat, then a couple of egg-laying hens. She doesn’t necessarily have to live somewhere else, but travelling is still very important, even if it is sometimes a bit more difficult with children. Her favourite travel destination: the Algarve in Portugal; because it is simply beautiful and her husband can pursue his great hobby, surfing. One of her dreams would be to travel to Southeast Asia.

Here in Berlin, she likes to stroll around second-hand shops, because sustainability plays a very important role for Nora, so she always tries to buy and recycle used items. But her great passion is strolling at flea markets on Sunday mornings, together with her daughter.

We are thrilled to have Nora on our team and we are pretty sure that her open, fun-loving and creative mind will drive forward marketing and will put a smile on the face of the people in the world out there. Her favourite card is the ZG-0454-EN “Be Unique”, which we created together with @silvanamangana, because Nora says, “The world is a more beautiful place with crazy people who dare to do things that are colourful, flashy and loud. I love it when people are different, simply because they feel like it and want to be who they are and not let themselves be pigeonholed and bent. Crazy people make the world colourful and they tell the most interesting stories.”