It was more than three years ago when our latest team member Mira found her way to Berlin. Back then she was starting an apprenticeship as a media designer for digital and print. It’s her now who gives our illustrated mini postcards that certain something.
With her fondness for classic, clear illustration and a soft spot for the vintage style, Mira quickly drew herself into our hearts. Our newcomer experiences the most fun when she can illustrate on the iPad. The realisation for Mira’s fabulous visual world is inspired by artists like Alen Power and The Glashir.

Mira clearly inherited the love of art and her creative vocation from her mother. It was her mum who started already in Mira’s childhood to photograph everything around her. A little annoyed by that, Mira just grabbed her camera herself one day. Her passion for photography was born back then and it’s still part of her life. Thanks to the great and early training by her mother, the media designer has a great sense of good photography, which makes it easy for her to constantly discover new motifs for our postcards.

With such a creative childhood, it is hard to imagine that Mira’s first career wish was actually quite different. There was a time when she dreamed about studying forensic psychology but the passion for art led her to a creative path anyway. Mira thinks, from today’s point of view, this was a better decision anyway, because: “The psychological stress as a forensic psychologist would be just too high for me”. Mira, however, has not lost her interest in criminal cases. She likes to listen to True Crime podcasts and to watch series like Dexter, Stranger Things or Prison Break. It’s the psychological aspect particularly exciting in this shows what is interesting for her.

But Mira doesn’t only dream of solving a real criminal case. She actually has very peaceful plans for the future. One of them is a small, red holiday hut in Sweden with a huge garden because the balance between the city and the countryside is important to the mum of two cats. In order to get a little closer to this dream, she is even learning Swedish.

Dear Mira, we can’t wait to be further enchanted by your illustrations and we are very happy to welcome you to our team.