A real all-rounder – no matter in which respect. Whether graphic design, information technology, future-oriented solutions or just some encouraging words, Mathias always has the right thing at hands. Here you can find out more about our new intern in the graphic design team.


Mathias is a sociable and likeable fellow with whom one likes to spend the hours in the office, and going through a very interesting life path he is now doing an internship here with us; one of the last stages on his future-oriented educational journey. He already has done a lot and can come up with a good deal of knowledge, life and work experience. A welcome enrichment for us, albeit temporarily limited for the time being.

Mathias comes from the beautiful city of Oranienburg in Brandenburg, just a few kilometres north of the Berlin metropolitan area. He lives here with his wife and six-year-old daughter, because they prefer it a little quieter than the fast, crazy big city life in Berlin, and they even have big plans for an interesting family project in rural Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

An unexpected surprise: Mathias is currently still in the Bundeswehr, but his twelve-year commitment will soon come to an end. After secondary school, he finished an apprenticeship as an electrician, then he ended up with the Bundeswehr, where he also completed another education as an IT specialist for system integration and then his master in information technology. After a few intermediate stops in the Eiffel, in Storkow and on Lake Starnberg, he is now back in his home town to complete a degree in printing and media technology as a further professional measure.

On the side, he works hard to realise a dream together with his wife and daughter – a farm near the Baltic Sea. Not just a simple farm, but one of a special kind – it should be a co-working retreat for creative people, a place for an open community. But not only that, because the overall concept will be based on sustainability and future viability, above all it relies on the cradle-to-cradle principle and permacultures. Due to the sense of responsibility towards the environment, he and his family also try to reduce travel, especially cheap long-distance trips do not have to be. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t find travelling itself interesting; he has also visited countries such as Spain, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ireland. Mathias’ hobbies are more tactile, he likes manual processes such as analogue photography and associated printing techniques, e.g. the collodion wet plate process, which he pursues at night when everyone else is asleep. And he also has a good pinch of self-humour, because he thinks he has a word-finding disorder, which often leads to his own interesting word creations that make you smile.

We are very happy to have Mathias on the graphics team and that he can also support us with his knowledge of IT. His favourite PICKMOTION card? The ZG-0869-DE “You can never have enough sea”, which we created together with @chris77ho because in his opinion it fits perfectly with the coastal farm project.