Working with numbers is boring? Not for Marlies! Please join me in welcoming our new team member for the accounting department. Her career started off the classic way. After successfully completing her apprenticeship as an office administration clerk at the first company she ever worked at, she remained working there for an incredible 25 years. Just a few months ago, she realized that she might enjoy a change of scenery regarding her career and that’s how she found her way to Pickmotion!

It’s already been 11 years since this native Berliner moved to Schwanebeck, Brandenburg, to realize her dream of having her own house together with her husband and son.
“An optimist can master everything”: With this quote, Marlies’ friends describe her positive and helpful nature. She always carries a smile on her face and this is probably one of the main reasons why “Die immer lacht” (Kerstin Ott) is “her song”.
It is the little things in life that brighten up her day: Sunshine and family trips together with her dogs Ebby and Balou. Besides outdoor activities, she also likes to make herself comfortable at home by reading an exciting thriller by her favorite author Sebastian Fitzek. Regarding Marlie’s creative side, she really enjoys creating photo albums of some of the most wonderful moments she experienced with her family. Due to the fast-moving time we live in, it’s very meaningful to Marlies that photos taken on her smartphone won’t be forgotten in the endless digital photo library.

Speaking of wonderful moments: vacation! America is Marlies’ favorite travel destination. And of course, it’s the number one country where she spent most of her holidays. This doesn’t mean she is not excited about visiting other countries, e.g. one day she would like to experience a real safari in South Africa and explore the wild countryside of Canada.
In order to maintain her connection to the USA, she often prepares a classic American potato salad for friends and family gatherings, which owes its special taste to the addition of peas and nuts.

It would definitely be an option for Marlies and her husband to leave Germany one day, but only when they are both enjoying their retirement. They’ve been dreaming of having an apartment abroad for quite a while. But where? In Florida, of course, because of the good weather conditions, without having to complain about annoying sweat breakouts!

We are proud that Marlies joins our team and we are happy to have her positive attitude on board!
Marlies’ favorite postcard is ZG-0594-EN made together with @lizzie.bear, simply because of her love for dogs!