She has been with Pickmotion since August 2016 and you all know her already – from our product photos, on which it is often her lovely hands holding our cards. However, it’s about time you finally get to know a face to the hands: Meet Lisa!

Lisa studies literature and philosophy. Her favourite book is “The End of Loneliness” by Benedict Wells. When asked why it is this particular one, she says “Read it! Then you will know!” She started her career at Pickmotion as an intern in social media to gain experience in a modern publishing house. Now, she mainly supports the area of ​​artist relations and sourcing.

Growing up in Tempelhof, some of Lisa’s favoured places in Berlin are Steglitzer Stadtpark and Dahlem. If she would not live in Berlin, she would move to Vienna – one of her favourite cities. Furthermore, she is a cactus fan (the only plants that don’t die on her), loves the Disney classic Mulan and chocolate. Just recently, knitting has become her passion but she is already proud mum of a pair of cosy socks and continues to practice diligently. What Lisa doesn’t like, however, is coffee and according to her own words she sometimes is “a bit weird” in other ways, too – but that is just what we appreciate so much about her.

For the best holiday of her life, Lisa went to Japan. It was especially the atmosphere, that made her fall in love with the country, which was relaxed despite the size and bustle, as well as the beautiful nature. But perhaps this won’t be the best trip she’s ever been on for much longer as her plans for the future are currently focused on a trip through Europe scheduled for next year. She will travel on her own for half a year, with the aim of experiencing as many cultures as possible and, above all, seeing a great deal of nature. Lisa loves to explore the nature and to camp. “You realize that you don’t actually really need that much stuff”, she says. After the trip, she plans on doing her master’s degree and later, she would like to work in the publishing industry.

Incidentally, Lisa has become our “hand model” because of her beautifully tattooed arm. She has a total of 9 tattoos and likes to bring them home as souvenirs from holidays and travel. She already has some from Scotland and Portugal. And who knows – maybe one or two new ones will be added on her upcoming journey through Europe.

Her favourite card is the ZG-0324-DE by @thislittlelion – “Do not panic”. Because she’s stressing herself too much too often, and thinks we can all improve in taking ourselves a little less serious from time to time.