A digital native, always on the advance to broaden his horizons and develop himself further in order to achieve his goals. Today you can find out more about our new intern in the Digital Business area.


Open-minded, optimistic, a high sense of responsibility and quite likeable – that is Kien, who is now diligently supporting us as an intern in the digital business. Not only to learn new things for himself but also to bring his knowledge and talents to the team.

Kien originally comes from a small town, surrounded by nature, near Hanover. After a few years, his family moved to beautiful, historic Dresden and from there he made his way here to Berlin. After school, it should first be a voluntary social year, but as it is sometimes, things turned out a little differently. An apprenticeship as a media designer and a technical diploma should open up completely new opportunities for him. His desire to study game design was becoming more and more tangible. Before the time had finally come to start studying in Berlin at the end of 2014, it was first necessary to build up a small financial backing through jobs and to make all the necessary purchases in order to be perfectly prepared for the studies. After a good 4 years of game design, Kien decided to take a new professional path and started his own business as a photographer.

The passion for digital media still accompanies him and he spends a lot of time creating 3D tutorials, illustrations and videos for his YouTube channel. From time to time he of course also likes to play computer games, but at the moment he feels more enjoyment in creative processes. A little sport shouldn’t be missing for him, too. He really much enjoys playing basketball with his friends. And when the hustle and bustle of the big city get too much, he is drawn to nature or from time to time back to Dresden, where things are a little quieter than in the capital.

When it comes to travel, Kien has his own idea of what this means, because he would like to combine travelling with living at the same time. How does it work? Quite simply with a so-called “Tiny House“, which can then be pulled around the world by a car, van or caravan. For him, this is a small lifelong dream, because he doesn’t want to be tied to a specific location but to be able to do his future job from anywhere. One special travel request he does have, though. He would like to finally travel to Vietnam again to visit part of his family; the last time he was there 9 years ago.

Kien is very happy to take on responsibility and his hands-on mentality is also one of his strengths. We are very pleased that he is currently supporting our team as an intern in the digital business and contributing his diverse skills in a creative way to enrich us with new, fresh ideas. His favourite PICKMOTION card? This is the ZG-0955-EN “You are turtely awesome”, which we created together with @cityturtles. Why this particular motif? Simply because he likes turtles. All that remains for us to say: Kien, you are “turtely awesome”.