Still a very fresh addition to the Pickmotion team, she just started here in the beginning of the year. A cat person with a penchant for interior design and a tendency towards perfectionism with a heart full of sunshine, may we introduce: Jule!

In November last year, Jule came to Berlin – to be with her boyfriend, but also for her own professional development. Ultimately, it was her passion for writing and direct customer contact that brought her to the Sales & Marketing team at Pickmotion. About herself, she says, “If something excites me, I like to share my excitement with others.”

If she had a little more spare time at hand, she would do both more often – travel abroad and visit home, a small town near Würzburg, to spend time with her family, her friends and her three cats. Although Jule is very close to her roots and family-oriented, she also likes discovering new things and new places. And even though it might not be super easy for her to leave home behind, she still thinks it is very important for her personal growth. Her desire for broadening her horizon also becomes noticeable in the different stages of her career – which include internships in Hamburg and Munich and lots of moves.

Now, it’s time for her to make herself feel at home here in Berlin. The basis is already there, as Jule feels like she settles in very easily in the midst of internationality, the electro club scene and the abundance of vegetarian and vegan pubs. She also likes the many cultural offerings, the countless possibilities and generally the attitude of Berlin. And, of course, also the fact that here, that guy from Ebay can turn out to be Maeckes of Die Orsons.

In her free time, Jule enjoys strolling through the various parts of the city, visiting museums and flea markets and trying to get to know Berlin with all its faces. She also likes to cook – and she would even more if tidying up afterwards wouldn’t be a part of it. She’s especially keen on the Indian cuisine, which she first encountered in the Indian quarter in Singapore. In general, she always likes to try new things – even if her favourite dish ever since childhood is pasta with tomato sauce.

Jule is inspired by people and artists who create and explore the extraordinary. In particular art that is less haute couture and more street art. She is a big fan of German-alternative hip hop and rap and can memorize so many lyrics that she can come up with a fitting one in almost every situation. Traumstadt by Juse Ju is currently at the top of her playlist – a fitting soundtrack to settling in in Berlin – after all “it’s not about where you are but what you do”.

Her favourite postcard, ZG-0234-EN designed with fraenze_berlin, is the one she received for her birthday before she started at Pickmotion – turns out it was a gift and a sign!