A language talent on the way to become a global citizen. Young, fun-loving and full of energy paired with the courage to try new things and to grow with challenges. Find out more about our new digital business intern.


Having just arrived in Berlin to discover the interesting, extraordinary world of the capital, Joel decided, to our delight, to do an internship with us. With his cheerful, charming and good mood, mixed with his creativity, his talent for languages and the young, fresh ideas, he now enriches us in digital business, but at the same time also gaining new experiences himself and broadening his horizons.

Joel comes from a beautiful, historic city, located in the border triangle Germany-France-Switzerland. Born in Ethiopia, he then grew up in Lörrach. However, he has never lost the connection to his roots and so he and his family even lived again for 3 years in Ethiopia and gathered many interesting experiences and impressions in this very different world. He did his Abitur last year, some might call this the Corona Abitur class, but Joel says that will probably apply more to the class of 2021 because, despite the inconvenient times last year, the Abitur was still quite well organized. In September he went back to Ethiopia, this time for an internship to support local companies to take their first steps into digitization. Unfortunately, due to the sudden political crisis, he had to interrupt the internship in December and come back to Germany. Here it should be a new internship, and one thing was absolutely clear to him from the start: it should be in Berlin. No other city was an option for him.

This is how Joel found his way to us, where he now supports us in the digital business, especially for the French market. Until mid-May, he will be with us with his fun-loving, helpful hands-on mentality and his talent for languages. After that, he has already planned to do another internship in France, because he would like to be perfectly prepared to start the bilingual studies in International Management at Reutlingen University.

Joel is an explorer who wants to see a lot of the world, so of course, he likes to travel too. He says of himself that he feels at home everywhere, likes to be elsewhere for longer, but never stays in one place too long. He even made a trip through Europe before the pandemic. Such vacations are then packed with exciting activities, but relaxation is never neglected either.
He is a real bundle of energy. This can be seen in his sporting activities, such as regular soccer, basketball and volleyball games with his friends and daily jogging. In addition, he even has a football coaching license for the E-youth. But in his free time, he is not only active in sports, because he also has another passion: music. He plays the saxophone and clarinet but prefers the piano. He has already made music in an orchestra, in a band and solo. At the moment he maintains his passion for playing the piano, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have one of his own here in Berlin yet.

We are very happy that Joel is bringing a fresh breeze to our team and that he is stirring up all of us with his friendly, creative and fun-loving manner. His favourite PICKMOTION card? That is the ZG-0915-DE “normal kann jeder” (engl.: “everyone can do normal”), which we created together with @andreinan. Why this particular motif? Quite simply because you should enjoy being a bit unusual. So all that remains for us to say: Joel, you are anything but normal. And we think that’s absolutely great!