A new, young, creative mind in the Pickmotion family. We want to introduce: the youngest in the team and our new graphic designer – Jenny.

Three years ago, Jenny moved from a small village near Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt out into the wide world – to Berlin to be exact: Honestly, though not a trip around the world, but still felt like a journey into another world. At the age of 17, she moved to the capital for an apprenticeship as a graphic designer and since April she enriches our graphics team as a trainee full of élan and talent.

For Jenny, Berlin is perfect, because it has all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city and at the same time it is not far to home, where the family dog Lucky always waits for her full of anticipation. He is a typical village dog, as she calls it, a half-breed who has found his way via Berlin and Leipzig to her home village and feels more than comfortable there – the city would be no good for him. In addition to her love for Lucky, Jenny has developed a passion for cooking, a “forced” passion she discovered, as she relocated to Berlin while learning to look after herself. Culinary she moves through the universe of vegetarians and her current favourite dish is homemade lasagna with zucchini, tomatoes, peas, sour cream and cheese. But that may soon change again.

After changes of living places within Berlin with stations as Neukölln and Spandau, she found herself a pretty spot in Wedding on the border with Reinickendorf, where, interestingly enough, she now lives with her actual village neighbor from childhood. Here she likes to spend comfortable hours with her friends in the Volkspark Rehberge or on the not too distant Havel river – as well as she often moves with her boyfriend to Spandau for longer walks in the nature. Jenny sees herself as a little bit lazy on sports, but soon she plans to get a bike to cycle finally. While not being unathletic, but a proponent of cosiness, she spends much of her free time reading, e.g. her favorite book Looking for Alaska by John Green, and she likes to enjoy good teas – after tasting many different teas, she has discovered good old peppermint tea as her favorite. But if she has the right opportunity among friends, it may be a cider, too.

What marks her personality? Order, a healthy pinch of sarcasm and down-to-earth cosiness.
And what she does not like? Frogs or rather toads – they are not her thing at all.
A big dream of Jenny is to travel on a road trip through Australia and to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, while it still exists.

Her favourite card is einfach abschalten, which we created with @jannikobenhoff because the card perfectly reflects her down-to-earth character and her tendency to retreat in nature surrounded by beautiful forests.