Good music, family time, lots of coffee and the photography of abandoned places – that describes very well our new, lively and sporty all-rounder in the ordering team – Jenni.

Jenni grew up with her two sisters in Berlin, Marzahn. After 25 years the energetic Berliner moved to Weißensee. After the move, Jenni gained two families: one with Pickmotion and another when she gave birth to her daughter 18 months ago and married her husband this summer.

With a new member of the family came professional change. Jenni was a branch manager at Dänisches Bettenlager since she was 21, but after maternity leave, Jenni found a new job in our ordering department. Her cheerful and communicative demeanour makes her a welcome addition to the team. She likes the variety in the workplace and enjoys proving her communication skills with international customers.

Of course, the Berliner prefers to spend her free time with her family. She’s eagerly waiting for her daughter to be old enough to ride rollercoasters with her. Traditionally, she visits one theme park a year, and misses the Spreepark, as there is no amusement park in Berlin anymore and the nearest one is a few hours drive.

Nevertheless, Jenni still enjoys visiting the already closed Spreepark as she photographs lost places with her husband. Together they visited the abandoned Spreewaldpark to take impressive pictures of the empty, enchanted rides. This slightly unusual hobby is also the reason for her perhaps rather unusual travel goal: Jenni is interested in a trip to Chernobyl.

Jenni loves to be active since childhood and likes to be among people. Unlike her sisters, Jenni spent her pocket money on activities rather than clothes. She is always happy to try new things and is a positive, spontaneous person. This explains her varied activities during leisure time: she likes to boulder, snowboard, inline skate, play the guitar, and go to rock festivals and concerts by bands that make her smile as much as possible. Besides all that, Jenni is an absolute coffee junkie and proud owner of a coffee vending machine.

After this interview, it seems as if we’ve hit the jackpot. She is full of positive energy and exudes a desire for life. This positivity is infectious and certainly a major coup for our team.

Jenni’s favorite Postcard is the ZG-0669-DE (with @mr.pokee) The picture reminds her of her beloved white-bellied hedgehog called Nibbler, who sadly died about a year ago.