She came to Berlin in a heartbeat–and finally didn’t feel like an outcast anymore. Izabella, who works as a graphic designer in the Pickmotion Team doesn’t sleep much, loves the city, and has a dry humor.

In Danzig, she studied Graphics with the focus on traditional printing techniques, especially linocut (which is also one of Adi’s, our Art directrice, favourite techniques, by the way). She spent a year as an Erasmus student in Porto. Love has brought her to Berlin.

Today, Izabella, short, Iza, raves about the creative freedom in the three cities Danzig, Gdynia, and Sopot, but one and a half years ago these places, where she spent most of her younger years, were too constricted and predictable. On the contrary, you have Berlin–“According to my mood, I will always find a part of Berlin that corresponds,” she says.

The restlessness of the city, the multicultural parties, start-ups, dancing, good food, and architectural discoveries are simply overwhelming, Izabella states enthusiastically. Berlin would offer “all the things I wish for that I did not even know that I want. “Only sleeping sometimes comes too short. “If I manage to sleep 8 hours that’s awesome.”

As a favourite card, Iza, of all things, chooses “Cozy Christmas“ by oh_hedwig–at first sight unimposing, it actually describes aesthetic and emotional worlds. “Not fancy nor fashionable,“ she says, “looks familiar.“