A slightly sarcastic humor coupled with a relaxed lightheartedness and a haven of peace that leaves nothing to be distressed – meet Fenja, our intern for communication and social media.

Growing up near Hanover, Fenja moved to Münster to study communication science after completing high school and a “small” world tour. However, she travelled to the other side of the world during her schooltimes already. For 9 months she took part in a student exchange program and went to high school in Dunedin, New Zealand. Influenced by this experience and the fascination of the distance, she had to set sail again and went on a trip around the world after finishing school – this time, her destinations included: Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Montreal, Vancouver and of course the Rocky Mountains were among the places to spend her time in Canada. Now, the second time in New Zealand, she spent time to catch up with her former host family and friends and in Australia, Fenja gained experience in Sales and Marketing during an internship in Sydney at a travel agency for backpackers – which also proved to be extremely helpful to learn the best tips and tricks for her own upcoming tour through the country.

After that, the studies became her priority. Based in Münster, she got the chance to go abroad yet again and spent a semester in Bergen, Norway. Now, following her Bachelor degree, Berlin is her place to be. Despite her always seeking new places and adventures, there is one recurring destination she is drawn to: Ever since she was little, Fenja spents at least two days each year on Heligoland – a small island located in the Northern Sea – to relax and inhale some vitamine sea.

She does not just like to travel, Fenja writes and also likes to document, as seen in her travel blog “passportstories”, which is currently resting a bit due to lack of time though. Of course, Fenja is also interested in photography – she prefers to capture breathtaking landscapes or candid everyday situations. And coffee. Yes, Fenja likes coffee very much, preferably a good cappuccino with perfect milk foam. Always on the hunt for the best coffee, cafe-hopping is one of her hobbies. In addition, she also likes to read books like “The Little Prince” or “Nothing: What’s important in life”, whenever she finds enough time.

Her future plans include a trip to South America and a trip to Japan during the Cherry Blossom season. After the internship at Pickmotion, Fenja would like to gain more experience and master new tasks at another internship e.g. in Hamburg or, of course, find more time to travel – maybe even to Japan.

One of her favourite cards is the SP-0134 by @mctoro_o.