Art historian and book lover with a great sense of responsibility for sustainability, as well as a passion for photography, nature and everything that is vintage. Learn more about Elli, our new head of product development and graphic design.

A bundle of energy with concentrated knowledge from the world of art, innovative ideas and a talent for planning and organisation. But not only that, but Elli is also a real globetrotter with a sense of responsibility because she pays great attention to her ecological footprint – a matter that is particularly important to her. Elli comes from a beautiful, historic town in Thuringia. That she has lived in Berlin since 2013 is more of a coincidence, as she says. After completing her bachelor’s degree in art history and education at the University of Jena, she moved to Dresden for a master’s degree in art history, and from there ended up in Cork, Ireland, via an Erasmus program. There she met her fiancé. And after an internship in Dublin, the two moved to Berlin – currently, their favourite place to live and work.

When she arrived in Berlin, she went deeper into the world of art. Starting as an art consulting intern in a gallery located at Hackesche Höfe, she made her way as a trainee in portfolio, acquisition and proofing to the junior curator for a renowned gallery in Berlin-Mitte. During this time she also discovered her passion and fascination for social media, so that she later worked as a Social Media Manager in the eCommerce area for a sustainable Start-Up.

In 2018 she embarked on a long journey with her partner. A break from work/life for six months in order to discover Indonesia (especially Bali) and China – one of their highlights on this trip: the Great Wall of China. Then they went a little through Europe – hiking in Scotland, Ireland and Poland. She is a true nature lover, but she also has a soft spot for photography and lifestyle – preferably mixed, because she is very active as a lifestyle photographer on Instagram, too. But what she spends most of the time with is reading – she truly is a bookworm and loves to read classics and dystopias. Furthermore, Elli likes going to museums, strolling through flea markets or enjoying a coffee in the bookstore.

Her big dreams include touring Japan, New Zealand and Australia, and an adoptive dog. In order to get a bit closer to Japan, she started to learn a little Japanese through an app for learning languages. And who knows, maybe she would like to emigrate to Ireland, the home country of her future husband.

But for now, we are really happy that she has found her way to us and that she will be with us for a long time to enrich the PICKMOTION family with her diverse talents. Her favourite PICKMOTION card – the ZG-0664-DE “kleine Dinge, großes Glück (engl.: small things, great happiness)”, created with, is perfectly fitting with her attitude that she doesn’t need much more than a good book to be happy.