Always a laugh and a funny saying in store. He is a native of Hamburg, not a born one, as he explains; because a born “Hamburger” you are only if the grandfather was born there. Meanwhile, he has been living in Berlin for 17 years. Meet David – our new Sales Manager.

After graduating from high school, life brought him to Berlin for studies, but not as one would expect for an economic degree program, no, David chose English and Japanese studies in literature, language and culture – he has his roots in the liberal arts and humanities sciences area. In the 17 years of being in Berlin, he lived in several districts: Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte and meanwhile in Lichtenberg. Back then, still being a student, he spent an Erasmus year in Hull, England.

David gained his first sales experience as a working student at Air Berlin. After graduation, he then started at Absolventa as a newcomer in the sales department, to go his own path as a Sales Manager and in the Online Marketing Management. Before joining us in early October, he most recently worked for a digital advertising agency.

His great passions include cooking, (PC) gaming and watching football – the latter most likely in the stadium or in one of his favorite Werder Bremen pubs. Culinary, he likes to cook Mediterranean or Asian and when it comes to computer games, strategy and role-playing games are definitely among his favorites. Of course, traveling is also one of his hobbies, but unfortunately, he does not have as much time for it as he used to. His favorite places to visit include Rome, Prague and the Provence in France; for him, Japan, New Zealand and New York are on top of his wish list. A trip to Japan has been a dream since he was a student.

David’s secret but unfortunately dormant passion is acting. For three years he acted regularly in the amateur group of the Gorki Theater, at times when the rehearsal stage was still close to our office. Unfortunately, time does not allow him to pursue this passion further, but should he find more time, he might like to start again and of course, travel more.

His favorite card is the “Ahoi Seagull” – ZG-0475-DE by @meta_thesis, a clear statement of a native “Hamburger”.