A new face in our sales team – with the right dose of positive vibes, charm and a thirst for adventure, he brings our products to the shops of this world. Today you will learn more about Daniel, our key account manager.

A sportsman and a true adventurer, so versatile that it is not easy to describe him in a few words, so he says of himself with a wink and a bit of humour: “simply indescribable” and somehow it also fits this all-rounder. He grew up in Frankfurt am Main, the city with the most beautiful (and also the only) skyline in the country – so he is used to big city flair, even if Frankfurt is a lot smaller than our beautiful capital. After studying bioprocess engineering, he discovered his passion for Sales & Event Management and then professionally-oriented himself in this direction. Because of his passion for sport and adventure, he worked as a sales and event manager and as a survival trainer for an event agency in the outdoor and survival sector before he came to us at PICKMOTION.

Why did he come to Berlin of all places? “The cosmopolitan flair that everyone can live here according to his or her own façon – do, be, and run around as you like! Punk, tranny or suit – who cares?“. Despite his love for the city, he is and remains a true nature lover and athlete. His favourite pastimes? Among other things, golf, table tennis, jogging, but he also likes to enjoy the tranquillity of nature, especially when walking alone with the dog or he is looking for action and adventure together with his son. With a person like Daniel, it is not surprising that he is a real globetrotter, always looking for the next big or small adventure in the world – preferably in the mountains or hopefully very soon at his dream destination in Australia.

We are delighted that Daniel is part of our PICKMOTION family and brings fresh, adventurous wind to the team. Even if, according to his friends, he would have been a perfect tour guide, we are more than happy that he found his way into our sales team as a key account manager.

His favourite PICKMOTION card is the ZG-0544-DE “Wünsch’ dir was”, which we created together with @hey.luisa. And it fits him perfectly because it embodies the desire for adventure.