Our graphic intern loves the Disney movie Cap & Capper, appreciates honesty (because that’s how you get the furthest in life) and never has a hangover – meet drawing talent Christin!

Christin is about to graduate in Media Design & IT. In her studies, she likes the creative parts best, especially media design. In her free time, she also likes to indulge in creative arts, as she draws and paints a lot, digitally but also with brushes and watercolours. Even if she had more of it, her free time would probably not change that much – just in that she would draw and paint even more and perhaps would improve her sewing skills as well. You can admire some of her artwork in her Instagram feed!

Christin grew up almost at the Dutch border, in Emsdetten to be precise. For the internship with Pickmotion she moved to the other side of Germany, to Berlin. Before that, she was never really convinced of the city – an attitude that has changed a lot as a result of her moving here. Meanwhile, she could even imagine living here for a longer period. She likes the fact that there really is something to be found here for everyone and every taste – as well as the diversity and openness to just about everything. And she is convinced that she can still learn a lot from Berlin and its inhabitants. Namely, the ability to be just the way she wants to be and to do what she pleases – without worrying about what others might think of her.

Christin is a true summer person. While she has to drag herself out of bed on many mornings during the dark winter time, she is much more energetic in the summer. She hardly ever minds even temperatures exceeding 30°C and maybe her love for the summer is also the reason her favourite colour is a turquoise blue – like the sunlit sea! She is a happy person and proud of being able to empathise with the people surrounding her, to be able to meet them with great understanding. A characteristic that her friends also appreciate, since Christin always has an open ear and some advice.

Her intents for 2019 sound simple – more routine, more tasks done. At the same time, it could also be a step closer to her long-term goal. Someday, Christin would like to be able to live from her art – preferably somewhere, where it’s summer all year long.

Her favourite Photo Postcard is ZG-0594-EN, created with lizzie.bear. Why? Well, because she loves Sundays – whether she spends them all cuddled up in bed with her favourite series The Walking Dead or outside in the sun with her friends.