She would absolutely recommend studying art history and philosophy as a pensioner, among the hippies on a Korean beach she felt really far away from home and in the same time belonging. And she thinks photography is too young to compete with the Fine Arts. Meet Christiane, our latest new team member.

In the team Christiane is well known for breathing life into objects. That’s how the upcycling of our tradeshow counter went hand in hand with a baptism: Bob, affectionately Bobby, was born. When because of the holiday of our colleague Ayala the office dog Sherlock had to be absent for 2 weeks, comfort was soon to be found in a cardboard Sherlock, who meandered from desk to desk. Christiane delights the team, next to her daily work, with her inventions, her open-mindedness and the 80’s vibe her wardrobe and music are spreading.

Originating from Münster after finishing school she lived one year in Cologne during her volunteering service – and came back to her home town to study art history and philosophy. Too many senior students helped her out to decide for something she really wanted – Berlin was calling and she took the time off to prepare a portfolio. Finally Bielefeld became the destination, where she studied graphic and communication design with a focus on photography.

Besides the trainee position in the graphic team at Pickmotion she works in a restaurant. Our young publishing company persuaded Christiane firstly because of the concept and after the job interview because she was falling for the team spirit. If she had more leisure time in Berlin she would simply stroll through the town or read a book. Video art from the 60s and 70s inspires her as well as texts and photographs by Susan Sontag.

Mind blowing was the experience she sought during her studies abroad in Korea, epecially the Asian lifestyle and open-mindedness. Everybody who likes travelling knows these situations when you ask yourself facing incredible kindness: “Would I myself be the same?” The other language and culture made the simple complicated says Christiane – “At the beginning I lost my language entirely.” – But after meeting a lady monk in a lonely monastery and the fail of a translation app she is sure many things can be said without words.

You find Christiane as @christiane_f_deibel on Instagram. On the photo she wears her favourite colour neon black.