“A camper full of friends, a trip to nature, enjoying time together and a good book” – this is how Cecile, who joined our team three months ago, looks forward to the perfect weekend. That sounds like two days of relaxation, fun and balance; a description that also applies to how we met Cecile.

But from the beginning: Since May, Cecile supports our photography team and the graphics department. If you’ve wondered who’s behind all our great stories and posts from the Pickmotion Instagram account, we can now solve this riddle: As part of the social media team too, Cecile is also daily active in our accounts. But that’s not all you can see from Cecile: our latest releases feature several motifs in which her creative hands were partof the creation process.

Coming from a small hometown near Munich, Cecile, who has lived in Berlin for 4 years now, has already discovered various parts of the world. After graduating from high school she was working as an au pair near Boston. And especially the US has remained in her memory: her dream is to live and work for a while in the city that never sleeps. Until then, she wants to enjoy her life filled with friends and art in Berlin and from here to discover the whole world step by step. So, soon a trip to Miami is planned and in the distant future another trip to Asia. When Cecile is not working on her latest artwork with brush and oil in her boyfriend’s studio, she likes to immerse herself in a good book, with friends on the dance floor, or with yoga. Although she is not yet a yoga professional by her own modesty, she is significantly inspired by the spiritual yoga philosophy. So two of her most important principles are to go her own way and never condemn even the most different life paths of her fellow human beings.

When asked about their favourite music, the first name Cecile comes up with is no other than the German gangster rapper Bushido. A balanced Artist with a sense of spirituality and a passion for German Hip-Hop – How does that fit? If you go your own way, you hardly can be pigeonholed. We are very pleased that Cecile’s professional path has taken her to Pickmotion and looking forward to many more great posts, stories, postcards and lunch breaks.

The rainbow colour is a sign of tolerance and acceptance, the diversity of life forms, hope and yearning. All these are values that are very important to Cecile. Therefore – and because she likes the nostalgic charm – the card “farbenrausch” from @erinsummer_ is one of your favorite cards.