We are very happy to introduce our new sunshine from account management: Caro! Born and raised in Lichtenberg, she’s one of the Berlin originals of PICKMOTION.

Her cheer- and helpful nature is not only great for the office environment, it is also just perfect for customer care! What she particulary likes about working at PICKMOTION is it’s creative office vibes, created by our products and design prototypes from the product development decorating our rooms, for example.

Apart from customer care, she could have also imagined taking the social career path. Her emphatic soul also shows in her answer to the question of what is most important to her in life: “That my loved ones are both, happy and healthy.” She calls her personality kind of “agitated” – that’s why she admires those people who seem to rest in themselves. It’s said people often admire other people’s qualities that they’d like to have themselves. Caro’s energy, which she self-critically calls “agitation”, is certainly enviable: she’s a very creative person and often has several things under construction at the same time. She likes to paint and re-decorate her flat regularly, is interested in watercolour painting and would like to attend a painting course soon. For the future, Caro can imagine herself owning a big garden – especially when it comes together with a house in Brandenburg. Through a clever trick, she fulfilled another big dream of hers about 3 years ago: she got herself one of the iconic “Tabbert”-caravans. After a long and unsuccessful search for a suitable used model, Caro realized that she has to change her tactics, as the cult caravan is sold at very high prices even if it is in bad condition. How she solved this problem? She changed the search keyword on secondhand-platforms; more precisely, she added a spelling error – as a second-hand platform user, you should definitely keep this ploy in mind! More precisely, she used “Tabert” for her searching – instead of “Tabbert” – and found pretty much exactly the car she wanted. It came within the budget, TÜV-checked and could be picked up right around the corner, in Brandenburg. Since then, the car is an integral part of Caro’s freetime activities. Together with her little patchwork family, her husband and his daughter, she enjoys touring through the surrounding countryside. Boards to go stand-up paddling are also brought to these trips, – especially now, in summertime.

Caro likes to stay in constant motion. She says, the latest “Mindfulness” trend isn’t for her but notices with a smirk that, despite that, her favourite PICKMOTION card A Lake and You, taken by @jannikobenhoff, somehow still represents exactly that – a mindful atmosphere.

Even if a social profession would certainly fit well with Caro, who studied humanities, we’re glad to have her on board now! Funny enough, exactly this blog category, in which we regularly introduce our new team members, kind of led Caro to her decision to work at PICKMOTION: “The team seemed very sympathic to me right away”, she says. And we are more than gladly returning that compliment!