She loves dogs, to work with her hands and to spend time in the nature. Here comes Anne. Our newest member is taking care of the administration for the order team and will be the link between this department and logistics. Her tasks are the coordination and optimization of work processes. She is a very open person, feisty and a bit crazy, in a positive way of course, and therefore she always has a lot of new ideas.

Anne had a lot of various ideas for her possible career after she finished school in Halle and contemplated jobs like interior architect, veterinary, or English teacher. It all sounds very different but for Anne they all have something in common: You have to act, make something and most of all it is practical work. Finally she decided for the area of commerce after she read a very interesting apprenticeship announcement and she is very happy to have chosen this path.

Yet she still has a big dream for the future – she wants to open a dog kennel because she loves to be surrounded by dogs and to take care of them. Anne has the ability to understand the emotional state of dogs by observing their body language and she is amazed that these animals live in the here and now, that they think less and just do. “Dogs don’t think that much about their past. For me this is a model to find my inner tranquility”, she says.
Together with her dog Elfe she is always out in the nature and both of them enjoy that very much. Anne tells that, as a child, she always has been for camping holidays with her parents, for example at the Baltic Sea and that they never have been in a hotel. She appreciated such kind of vacation much more because like that she had the beach always in front of the door.

Besides being in the nature she also likes to spend time in the city, especially Berlin, because there is always something going on and to do. She likes that every time she walks around something new can be discovered and also the mixture of the urbanscape astonishes her very much. Anne’s home town actually is Halle but since she left school she moved already seven times and her last stop before Berlin was Dortmund.

In consequence of moving the place of living that often she always had to work with her hands, construct furniture and do all kind of artisanal work which she really likes to do. Furthermore she loves to go to gym for some training “in order to feel afterwards that you really have done something”, she says.

Anne’s favourite card is “ZG-0169-EN”. For her, this card means that you have to stay true to yourself and she says“the colours represent my positive craziness”. Often she likes to sing in the office and important is her colourful hair which she dyed already in all kinds of colours, even in the colours of the rainbow.