She has a weakness for lists of any kind; to-do-lists, shopping lists or Excel lists.
Let’s welcome Anna, our new sales support!

Only two months ago, this upper-Austrian native moved from her hometown to Berlin to realize her desire for change. Although she is proud of her so-called “farmer’s slang” with all its special words, she would never call herself a country kid. Together with her sister, she lives in Schöneberg and she really enjoys her new life in the “city of unlimited possibilities”.
Besides all the countless things Berlin has to offer, Annas’ absolute highlight is the vegan food paradise, which she has never seen in this size or shape before. But that doesn’t mean Anna isn’t up to meet her friends in “normal” restaurants. Despite her vegan diet, she calls herself “meat-eater-friendly”.
Anna is also enthusiastic about the open-minded and creative attitude of many (international) people that reside here. Talking about creativity: Anna’s artistic nature especially appears when taking pictures with her SLR camera. To be honest, she doesn’t have a particular style because she takes pictures of everything she likes. Some of the locations where you can find Anna holding her camera, are Hackesche Höfe and the Museum Island. This might be the reason why Berlin-Mitte is currently her favourite district.
If time allows it, she likes writing short stories. “Live the moment” is Annas’ motto, which she applies to everything in life, even though it’s not always that easy. Since she lives in Berlin, going for a run has become an indispensable part of her (almost) daily morning routine because it’s helpful to recharge her batteries.

It is no secret that Anna is a travel enthusiast. She loves to get to know new countries and their cultures. When asked about her most beautiful journey so far, she answers without a doubt that it was New Zealand and San Francisco. Together with her travel companion, she decided to rent a camper van for two and a half months to discover the almost untouched nature of New Zealand in a relaxed and stress-free way. After fulfilling this wish, they both went to San Francisco for two more weeks! At that time, Anna still had no idea how much she would fall in love with this city.
On top of Annas’ wish list – how could it be any different – you will find a world trip with her own camper van.
And In order to make this dream come true one day, her favourite Pickmotion card (ZG-0360-EN) is the perfect motivator and reminder to “Let’s Go”.

If she would emigrate from Europe one day, she could imagine living in San Francisco. For two special reasons: Victorian architecture and the most delicious dragonfruit-smoothie-bowl.

We are so happy that Anna enriches our team with her cheerful and helpful character. We hope, she will remain with us for a long time!