A new team member – and such a highly interesting one. Today we introduce you to Ana, who is not just sourcing images, but is a talented visual artist by herself.

A stable job in a fix place? That’s probably the biggest change at Pickmotion for Ana, who flickered from one project to the other over the past years. As a completely self-taught autodidact (like many of the good ones) she took photos of weddings, fashion and festivals – and came closer to her real interest in exactly the same chronology – “the closer I came to my core, the less money I earned”, she says, such a typical sentence for the both poetic and visual talented (Anas blog).

Originally from Arad, Western Rumania, Ana studied psychology in Timișoara, not far from her home town, and gained a master degree in the field, but screwed the lengthy and expansive professional training. A side trip into the world of bing as trend scout among other tasks allowed first, the purchase of a good digital camera and second, the decision to work as a freelance photographer in the future.

For now, the last project at home was her support for an independent candidate for the mayoral election of Arad – and unless the mobilisation of even many Romanians living abroad, no chance for a change – it stays tedious and slow. When Ana reminds her first stay in Berlin a few months ago, her eyes are shining: “I felt claustrophobical after my return! Limited possibilities don’t allow you to grow. Even in the winter, Berlin was so much different than my silent small hometown.”

By the way, Anas favourite postcard is SP-0135 (by @maryloo_berlin) – the sand could be snow in the same time, “it’s silent and happy at once.”