The fact that she is anything but normal was already clear from her very first career wish: she wanted to become a real hacker. This was a rather unusual dream for the then 8-year-old Ambra! Times change and so did Ambra, and she decided to go for a different job. Get to know our communicative and humorous soul Ambra, who freshly joined us as a working student in the sales department.

Born in Berlin and raised in Italy, Ambra returned to “Big Berlin” after graduating from high school to study international business administration, beginning this October.
Starting her studies was not the only reason to move to Berlin, but also the German lifestyle attracted her, which seems to be very different than in Italy. However, Italy has many other and attractive counterarguments, so Ambra took Milan into consideration, too, for starting her new chapter of life – but Berlin won!

A real international type is what we can call her. Since she was born, she was used to moving between Italy and Germany. And besides, she also spent part of her childhood in Asia! Her extroverted character makes it easy for her to meet new people. Anyone who thinks that public transport is only meant for transportation is wrong! The 18-year-old has made many friendships on the plane or train. No matter in what language people start talking to her, whether it’s in German or English, Spanish or Italian: Ambra will smoothly answer to you in all these languages!

Languages aren’t Ambra’s only talent, she is also very determined and ambitious – which will explain her excellent A-levels in her school diploma. We are impressed! “It’s important for me to make my younger self proud,” she told us.

Ambra’s biggest passions include skiing, trying out different kinds of sushi and sitting at the window seat on an airplane. Her love of skiing obviously shows that she loves winter. Lucky for her, winter is right in front of us!
However, there are also things that cause her headaches: arrogance, chocolate (you wouldn’t believe it) and roller coaster rides.
When asked about her life goals, she can tell you many. For example: she would love to spend a semester abroad in Singapore and one day, she would like to live in a penthouse apartment. But her biggest wish is and always will be creating an own application that helps people making new friends in foreign cities. And her 8-year-old self would certainly agree with that.

Ambra’s favourite photo postcard is ZG-0439-EN “you are my sunshine” by @pierlu__igi, because she always feels in a good mood – especially when looking at (sun) flowers.

Welcome on board, Ambra! We are glad to have you on board!