Since last autumn she is with us and now it is time for you to finally get to know her: Kathrin, our newest support in the order team!

When she was younger, Kathrin wanted to become a lawyer, but after an internship it quickly became clear that the working environment was not for her! Instead, she gained a wealth of experience – working in different offices, but also in a call center and as a saleswoman. She especially had a lot of fun working in a travel agency for handicapped people. This variety in work, Kathrin owes to her training as a clerk for office communication and it is exactly what she likes about her job. At the same time, she appreciates the fixed range of tasks she now accomplishes here at Pickmotion which enable her to work in a concentrated and purposeful manner.

Positive, friendly and always optimistic – that’s how Kathrin describes herself. Of course, she too is uncertain sometimes, but in the end her confidence still wins. Her strong personality is no coincidence, as her disability has made her much stronger and more self-confident over time. A process that was possible thanks to the support of her family and good friends, she confides in us.

Kathrin has been living in Berlin for over 30 years now. It’s especially the good public transport she likes about the city, but also the fact that in Berlin, you can get everything at any time. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends – in the summer, she also enjoys spending time outside in the garden. “I am very sociable and we often have visitors – for game nights or barbecues.”

Kathrin has been married to her husband for 12 years and with him, she has fulfilled her great wish of a grand USA trip shortly after the wedding. She is also very enthusiastic, when telling us about a trip through Namibia, where she saw wild giraffes and fell in love with these majestic animals. A love that she passed on to her children, too. Maybe someday, when the kids are older, they will go back there. Or maybe, they will all travel to Down Under together, as Kathrin has been dreaming about going to New Zealand and Australia for a while now.

Her favourite card is, of course, the ZG-0563-EN from @hey.luisa – in honour of her favourite animal!