She is a Berlin Native through and through, maintains relationships in the hood with the elderly and forms a dream team with Betty- meet our new colleague Jana!

Her parents are originally from Berlin, she herself was born and raised in the Sauerland, until she moved back to the capital city when she was 17 years old- Jana is deeply rooted in Kreuzberg, Berlin. When she came to SO36, the rents were low-priced, Markthalle 9 was nowhere to be found, and all the other side effects of the “city-to-be” nonexistent- you notice right away that Jana has seen a lot of people come and go, has seen them struggling daily, and that she always stays down-to-earth.

She eventually became- after having started with Social Works and Business- a management assistant in Event Organisation, and was employed in the Catering business and in two big hotels. At Pickmotion she is responsible for Accounting, and is also working in the Event Management and Sales team. Jana is a multitasking-genius and a master of every chaos.

When she is leaving the office in the afternoon, she feels the urge (even though she lives in Friedrichshain now) to take a walk in the Görlitzer Park… along with Betty, her Jack-Russell-Terrier-crossbreed- “Everybody there already knows Betty. She owns the park,” she says and laughs. Jana still maintains many relationships to the residents of the Lausitzer Platz, she protested against the Markthalle 9, and she isn’t scared of the Görlitzer Park- she is very similar to Betty in that way.

Jana’s favourite card is ZG-0239-EN – because it reminds her of her own road trips that she took with the VW-bus of her brother.