She’s our new force in Artist Relations but truly, she’s an artist herself. Meet Amy – film connaisseur, storyteller and our bastion of calmness in the office.

Amy grew up in the south of the Netherlands, is also partly Canadian and spent several years in Bruseels, Belgium to study her true passion: (documentary) film and script writing. To her, documentary is one of the most beautiful forms of film there is. “Everybody has a story to tell and for one to be allowed to dive into it is amazing”, she says, “it is beautiful to film with people – you get so many new perspectives!” Her desire to make films is based on her wish to express herself but also on her urge to tell these stories. That’s why one of her favourite film makers is Joshua Oppenheimer, who really takes the time to dive into the topic of his films and gets incredibly close to the subject. But also Alma Har’el who creates such an intimacy with the people she is filming.

When she’s not in the movies, snacking popcorn, she likes her free time to be very active. Running, swimming or just walking through the city. Just recently, she started skating as well. She also enjoys going clubbing and visiting concerts. Which music? Anything from rap, to indie, techno, jazz or blues – Amy likes to discover new things! And new places for good food as well – especially Asian food. A preference that developed when Amy travelled several Asian countries including Indonesia and Laos. “It’s not always been nice but always interesting”, she recalls. While she ackowledges the beauty of nature, cities and cultures, she also sees the struggle of people in these countries – a true filmmaker speaking.

Amy had a kind of rough start in Berlin, coming here in the dark and cold winter, having her dream job in videography slipping through her fingers. But now, the city has grown to her (luckily, because we wouldn’t want to miss her). She loves how she got to meet so many interesting people, had worthwhile conversations even with strangers and how she can bring her kite and skateboard and “play like a child for a whole day without anyone judging”.

For her future, Amy has big plans! She wants to direct at least one successful full-length feature film, write at least one book that will be published and maybe even write a rap track or album at some point. It’s all about creating and making things, telling stories, inspiring and being inspired.

Amy’s favourite Photo Postcard is the “surreal surprise”, created with erinsummer_ – maybe because it includes her two favourite colours green and orange. Or maybe because of the mysterious story behind it.