When I asked how she would describe herself in just three words, she said: “magical, clumsy and confident”. This is Marlene, a new member of the order team.

She was born in Spain on Gran Canaria, but grew up in Berlin. After graduating in 2014, she went on a journey to “paradise on earth” and made a social voluntary year in the Peruvian rain forest. During the Waldorf-oriented aid project she worked with disabled children and adolescents, taught English at Peruvian schools and even moderated an English radio show. In addition to needlework and some creative projects with students, she also explored the Latin American world after her “FSJ” with travels through Peru, Chile, Portugal and Spain.

Because of her great passion for travelling, the “ZG-0118-EN” mountain landscape with a saying that feels very true to her, “when nothing is sure everything is possible” is her favourite card.

Another big part of Marlene’s life is the theatre. Because of her mother, who is employed in a cabaret theatre, she has always been in contact with it and had the desire to become an actress since childhood. She spent over one year going to hundred of auditions with some successes, but usually she was too nervous. “One time I slipped completely,” she tells laughingly, “I wore huge peeptoes for a role”.

At some point, Marlene’s opinion about the theatre changed a bit. The world of actors has become too demanding, “all actors need a LOT of attention!”. She no longer wanted to be dependent on criticism and allow herself to be influenced by the emotions of her roles so much. Last year, she devoted herself more to her thirst for knowledge.

Before she will study, she actively supports our order team, but for the future, she plans to continue doing what she wants!