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June does not only represent the beginning of summer but has also been known as Pride-Month for more than 50 years. This month is all about love, courage and being proud of who you are. So we also took this month as an opportunity to show our support to the LGBTQI+ community and to educate what Pride Month is all about and why it is so important for us and our society.


First and foremost, Pride-Month is about giving love free rein. For the LGBTQ+ community in particular, this month is an important time to celebrate their sexuality and self-acceptance and encourage their peers to do the same. However, the colorful movement we know today, began with a huge riot not too long ago: on the night of the 27th to the 28th June 1969, police officers stormed the “Stonewall Inn” – a gay bar – on Christopher Street in New York. Unfortunately, this incident was no individual case. What made it special was the resistance of arrest by the customers and the beginning of a violent confrontation. One year later, a demonstration for LGBTQI+ rights was organized, as this event was seen as a turning point in the lesbian and gay movement, which is about recognition and equal treatment. During that time, the term “pride” was coined, which stands for the opposite of shame, which is still often attributed to non-heterosexual people. Christopher Street Day is meant to commemorate the event from over 50 years ago and has now become a colorful demonstration for acceptance, safety, and legal protection of all LGBTQI+ people in many parts of the world. With the help of our postcards, we want to display love and acceptance into the world, as well. Because love is love and it should be celebrated and shared with everyone.

MM-0718-EN, MM-0489-EN, MM-0259-EN

Over the years, Christopher Street Day has evolved into Pride Month – which is a month that is meant to spread awareness to the still exisiting injustices, honor the community and stands for equality and acceptance of all people.

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During Pride-Month we see one of the most beautiful symbols pop up again and again: the rainbow does not only represent bright colors and a happy mood but also the diversity and beauty of everyone. By now, many more colorful flags have emerged to reflect and proudly represent a person’s sexual orientation.

PS-0144-DE, PS-0190-DE, PS-0155-DE, PS-0143-DE, PS-0157-DE

As you can see, Pride-Month is all about love and acceptance and we are so happy to spend this month with you! Surprise your friends and family with rainbow-colored greetings, show your love with pride and call attention to the past and the still existing hurdles that need to be addressed. So that every single one of us can enjoy the same rights and qualities of life.

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